Don't you deserve to be . . .

This is how we are implementing the CT Guidelines…
– Social distancing: Grids in studio to keep students at appropriate distance from one another.  Class size is limited to the number of grids per room which is substantially lower than the 50% recommendation by the state.
– All staff, faculty, and students must have an infrared temperature check of normal to be admitted. 
– All staff and faculty will be masked.
– Contact areas in the building are wiped down frequently.
– Water fountains may only be used for bottle refill and are also wiped down frequently.
– Air flow has been re-directed.
– Specific entrance and exit areas for each group to limit contact.
– Students only are allowed in the building to reduce numbers.
– Students will use masks for ‘public’ travel within the studio.
– Teachers travel to the classroom to reduce contact for the students amidst multiple groups.
– Parents will drop off at the door to reduce contacts.

Flash Pointe Dance   opened to provide an environment where the art of dance and movement could be appreciated and fostered in a judgement free, nurturing environment.  It is our mission to bring Fairfield County the best, most exciting instructors and classes available.  We offer the hottest trends in the dance world as well as the pristine classics.  Our instructors are chosen for their extensive knowledge of dance as well as their ability to offer instruction in a supportive and inspiring manner.

Not everyone who walks through our studio doors is destined to become a professional dancer, in fact most will not.  If they walk away with a love of dance, an understanding that using their body daily is important to good mental and physical health, and a certainty that they have found more within themselves than they thought possible, we have lit the spark that is the reason for Flash Pointe Dance.  We are committed to offering an inspirational and challenging program for the recreational dancer.  If you have a college or professionally bound dancer, we will provide the training and guidance required to enter this highly competitive field.

Come visit us and see if we can share our dream with you!
Victoria Carey - Director