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Our entire faculty and staff are fully vaccinated!
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Just a reminder, at Flash Pointe Dance the health and safety of our dancers and their families are a top priority, which is why we are so happy to be able to say that our entire faculty is fully vaccinated. This includes all teachers and staff!

Our goal is to keep your kids dancing all year with no disruption to their dance experience. Last year we were able to provide a full year of fun and training without a studio closure and our goal this year is to continue to provide the same.

As of last year we have installed a state of the art UV light filtration system to the entire studio, added air filters to every room and common space, installed hand sanitizing stations around the entire studio, continued with our mask policy and a implemented a covid exposure policy in line with cdc and Fairfield school guidance and recommendations.

We have and will continue to go above and beyond to ensure that our dancers have a normal and stable experience with minimal disruption. Class registration is still open, but classes are filling up quick and some have already reached capacity. Please reach out to the studio to enroll today! We would love to have you become apart of our Flash Pointe Dance family!

Covid Studio Policies

Currently, as per Phase II reopening policies, our studios can accommodate 10-16 dancers, depending on the studio.  Because of these requirements, we will be significantly limiting class enrollment.  We do not expect this limitation to change with Phase III guidelines.

All Dancers, Staff and Faculty will wear masks at all times.

UV light filters have been installed on the heating and air conditioning units at the studio.  What this means for everyone is that the air will get disinfected every time it gets heated, cooled, or moved. 
Medify medical grade purifiers (free standing) are located in all studios and common areas and are constantly running.

Thank you for working with us as we all try to be adaptable and navigate this exceptionally unpredictable and changeable situation.

Flash Pointe Dance   opened to provide an environment where the art of dance and movement could be appreciated and fostered in a judgement free, nurturing environment.  It is our mission to bring Fairfield County the best, most exciting instructors and classes available.  We offer the hottest trends in the dance world as well as the pristine classics.  Our instructors are chosen for their extensive knowledge of dance as well as their ability to offer instruction in a supportive and inspiring manner.

Not everyone who walks through our studio doors is destined to become a professional dancer, in fact most will not.  If they walk away with a love of dance, an understanding that using their body daily is important to good mental and physical health, and a certainty that they have found more within themselves than they thought possible, we have lit the spark that is the reason for Flash Pointe Dance.  We are committed to offering an inspirational and challenging program for the recreational dancer.  If you have a college or professionally bound dancer, we will provide the training and guidance required to enter this highly competitive field.

Come visit us and see if we can share our dream with you!
Victoria Carey - Director