What are people saying about Flash Pointe Dance?

Holly S.

“Flash Pointe Dance has become part of our family. My daughter has been on the competition team for the last 3 years. She has not only become quite a wonderful dancer, but has learned great life skills that will help her for years to come. The other team members at the studio both impress me with their dancing skills and their kindness towards others.  The staff does a wonderful job and creates a great environment for the kids to grow. I highly recommend Flash Pointe.”

Karen L.

“My daughter has always wanted to dance her way through life. She was one of those toddlers leaping through the kitchen and pirouetting in the living room. She wore a tutu to her first day of Kindergarten. Enrolling her at Flash Pointe was one of our better decisions. The teachers and staff at Flash Pointe made her feel at home from the beginning when she was a rec dancer. From day one, they focused on her technical skills while enriching her love of dance. Her skills have grown tenfold now that she is a teenage comp dancer. Her teachers are so passionate, its easy for my daughter’s passion to thrive. They inspire her. They support her. They push her. They watch her. They help her take her dancing to the next level each time she takes the stage.Additionally, as the studio owner, Vickie works to instill a sense of moral character and a value system for giving back and acting with kindness, respect, friendship and integrity that is so unique in the dance world. Many of the moms on the comp team often refer to the FlashPointe Dance family because that’s how it feels to be a part of this organization. We are cared for. We care for each other. Our children are learning how to be incredible dancers, yes. But they are also learning how to be, independently and towards one another. Thank you FlashPointe. For a wonderful year full of dance, friendship, passion and life-lessons.”

Leigh G.

“A quick shout out to wish you all the very best for tomorrow. Today’s rehearsal went super smoothly. I know you all work so very hard to put together the logistics of this weekend. It is no easy feat and you guys nailed it! The fact that recital weekend is always such an infectiously happy weekend filled with passion and direction is a reflection of the dedication the whole team puts in throughout the year, to support our dancers and our families. I know that keeping so many different dancers and teachers and families en pointe and happy is a mad, and strenuous uphill battle that is made possible through sheer dedication, determination, patience and endless logistical navigation. I did not grow up in the dance world. I have a recreational dancer and a comp dancer. I am the reluctant dance mom with absolutely no clue how you guys do it. But it is obvious to me that you all put in a lot of effort, talent and above all heart to make it seem as effortless and magical as you do. Please extend my thanks to all the amazing staff at FPD for a wonderful year. To our admin, behind the desk team…you guys are truly the calm in the storm, and I can’t thank you enough. Especially for your uncanny knack to just be there for me and listen! Sometimes that is all a busy and overwhelmed Mum needs! To the staff at Glitter, who patiently let Kaylee “shop” every single week, and never get annoyed with her endless enthusiasm, I thank you. Also thanks for always having whatever last minute costume thing I need because I am too disorganized to order in advance;) Liz and Donald what a fabulous job you do leading the comp team, encouraging growth, inspiring passion, and giving so much of your time.I can only imagine how many unseen hours go into pulling the season together.To each and every teacher who works with Phi and Kaylee, they truly take something away from each of you and I am not just talking about technique! So thank you for sharing your art, but also your energy, your creativity, your humanity with them. I wanted to give an extra shout out to Vinny! Dude you are such a hugely positive influence on not only my kids, but every one around you. I love watching you. It’s like you are literally the world’s cheer leader! The positive reinforcement you shower every child with is so worthwhile and meaningful. Your energy is uplifting and motivational! And you kick ass at dance to boot!!! Miss Tiff……thank you for accepting K late in the season in your ballet class. She comes home more motivated each week. I love her enthusiasm after all your classes. She get’s that same look that Phi brought home after every tap class with you! Joy and determination! Thank you. Corey….you give up extra hours on Saturday to work with Phi and he adores them. Adores every minute. Your quiet competence and zen like passion is infused in him when he leaves the studio! Guys you are all rock stars! Each and every one of you. Thank you for loving my kids, and for being awesome to me and Bri too! Vickie thanks for spearheading such an amazing staff. Their amazing dedication and passion is a reflection of you! Thank you for all your support.Hope you guys have a fantastic day! I truly appreciate every single one of you!

Marike T.

“Thank you Flash Pointe Dance for another outstanding year! Shake was the best FPD recital yet! It was wonderful to see the results of the hard work put in all year by the incredibly dedicated dance students and teachers at all levels. I was so pleased to be able to see how much my daughter has grown as a dancer. Susanna has been riding the “high” of recital weekend all week. She brought some of her dance pictures with her to school and has been proudly wearing her 5-year necklace every day! Thank you so much for acknowledging her! Susanna was extremely nervous about a few of her numbers (tap especially) going into recital weekend but we were both pleased that they seemed to pull together just in the nick of time :-)…..William’s experience in pre-school hip hop with Vinny was second to none! I am shocked and awed that Vinny was able to get those three little boys up on stage with a smile, knowing exactly what was expected of them! On Monday morning William woke up and asked me if that day we would be “going to Flash Pointe Dance or to the stage?” Clearly a performer is born! :-)”

Priscilla H.

“My daughter’s first dance class was two years ago at PAC of Trumbull. She asked to find somewhere new and we joined Ballet I with Corey last year. She fell in love with Flash Pointe. This year she is taking Jazz and Ballet and has already told me that next year she wants to take Jazz, Ballet, Tap, and Lyrical. I am sure you get e-mails commending the great job the team does but I have to send you a heartfelt thank you. My daughter is typically shy and shrinks into herself in new environments. That doesn’t happen at Flash Pointe. There she is comfortable, confident, and eager to learn. You have created what feels like a second home for her and I cannot thank you enough as a mother. Cheers to many more years of awesomeness.​”

Jennifer E.

 “My children have been dancing at Flash Pointe Dance for 6 years. The studio provides top quality instruction by fantastic teachers who are dancers themselves, often still performing when not teaching. The teachers are kind & encouraging while making sure that they are providing great technique classes. I can’t say enough good things about Flash Pointe Dance! It is like a second home to my kids & I highly recommend the studio.”

Geralyn C.

“Hi All at FPD – Just wanted to share that Lindsey is performing for the first time with the Contemporary Dance Ensemble at Virginia Tech today during the opening of the weekend’s many “Gobblefest” events.  She made this dance group last week and she is thrilled – they took only 4 new dancers out of 25 trying out – all competition level.While this is not a major dance college, for her it is a great fit with weekly technique classes and a positive healthy outlet while continuing to dance…Thanks for your dedication and hard work which pays off at all levels of dance.”

Jim P.

“Thank you for a great year. My daughter Jacqui just completed her second season and it has been a great experience. She looks forward to practice each week and I think it has markedly contributed to her overall self confidence. The Flash Pointe staff is fantastic and we look forward to the upcoming season.”

Yvette D.

“What can I say….proud, fortunate, lucky, happy, joy, tired, exhausted, wiped out, what a great great year and amazing dance weekend with the amazing Flash Pointe Dance family, who has the best teachers and dancers! Thank you again Flash Pointe Dance, our girls improved so much and developed even more joy in dance! We will miss you during the summer. X”